Nowadays how far do kiddies travel to score Halloween candy?

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Re: Nowadays how far do kiddies travel to score Halloween ca

Postby Tremors » 13 Nov 2017, 14:19

StanHilliard wrote:We counted 20. Mostly small kids in groups with their parents.
I don't think they felt the cold. They were running all over.

20 eh? That sucks. As I said, my numbers were down from the prior year, but probably up over '15, '14 & '13.

I was reading on Facebook about parents looking for Trick or Treat alternatives due to concerns about cold primarily and safety, so I do think the conditions were a contributing factor this year. Cold never stopped me; heck, if it were ever particularly cold when I went as a kids, I don't even remember it. I'm sure I just added layers, and kept on marching! Any kid out there who went out over the Halloween blizzard of '91 must be hanging their head in shame looking at today's kids! LOL!!!!!
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