Nowadays how far do kiddies travel to score Halloween candy?

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Re: Nowadays how far do kiddies travel to score Halloween ca

Postby Tremors » 09 Oct 2018, 10:03

I started this topic by asking how far kids are willing to travel for Halloween candy, and I and others have lamented what seems to be less effort and enthusiasm among modern era trick-or-treaters; however, there is an other side to this coin. No one is obligated to hand out Halloween candy every year; that would be unreasonable, but I find it rather selfish how people with their own cherished trick-or-treating memories as a kid don't care to hand out candy now as an adult. While it may not be in the "social contract", it is a social, community interaction and cultural tradition I see slipping away. As a kid very few homes failed to join in the fun, but these days, more and more homes are dark; clearly telegraphing their intent--for whatever reason--that they will not hand out candy. Wouldn't it be at least reasonable to hand out candy for as many years as you, as a kid, enjoyed trick-or-treating? Say you trick-or-treated from age 3 to age 12. Nine years. Would handing out candy for nine years which could be spread out over the course of your adult life really be too much? Just a thought.

Its for the kids. I know that's a tired old cliché, but there are so few fun, commonly held cultural traditions in America today, so why not join in and make it as fun for the kids? Will these kids grow up to remember your specific contribution to their Halloween candy haul? Probably not, but every lighted house is an opportunity for them to explore their neighborhood, show off their costumes, get a little candy and have a little fun on this one night of the year.


On a semi-related note, this year will be my last year for big Halloween decorations. I love doing it, and it is fun, for myself and for neighborhood kids, but its a chore to spend days setting up, to constantly monitor and repair (or spend money to replace) decorations, then take it all down on November 1. And yes, I tear it down right away...same with Christmas decorations! Still the more time, energy and money I spend on it, the less fun it becomes, and with so many other things pulling me in other directions, well, its lost much of its luster. I'll see if my friends want some of my decorations and much of the rest I'll sell after this year. I won't get rid of all of it. I'll keep a couple of my favorite pieces for display, and I will keep handing out candy, because I still want to contribute, in however small a way, to the ambience and atmosphere that is Halloween.
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