District 622 Cut 8 Million Dollars, Has No Superintendent

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District 622 Cut 8 Million Dollars, Has No Superintendent

Postby harassed citizen » 06 May 2015, 19:04

The School District voted to cut over 8 million dollars, and no one seems to care! If the schools aren't good, property values decrease! In case you haven't noticed, this City doesn't exactly have people banging on the doors to get in, instead they break in through the windows!

Do you know where they made the cuts?

I couldn't find the list of cuts they made in Lillie News, the Pioneer Press or the Star Tribune. Why isn't that news? The papers reported they were proposing to cut 8 million dollars...

Well SUPRISE it has already been done. If you look on the District's website really hard, you can find it.

Here's a brief break down:

Apparently, rather than save multiple jobs, by cutting salaries for the higher paid people or eliminating some altogether, they chose to cut many of the lower paying jobs: the para's, the EA's, bus drivers, bus monitors, the custodians, secretaries and attendance secretaries. So go ahead skip school kids! What difference will it make?

They cut an Assistant Principal at both High Schools. Pretty sure they needed those.

They also cut a HUGE portion of the District's Special Education Program, which was already lacking.

Oh, and despite the growing drug problems at both High Schools the Chemical Health/Alcohol/Drug Program is gone completely.

It's really sad that they made all of these cuts, so quickly without asking for our input. When it comes time for them to ask for more tax dollars, they will want to hear from all of us!

Did, I mention they don't have a Superintendent yet? The current one is retiring. They hired a company to help find one, then when it came time to vote, they decided they didn't really want him after all.

More money down the drain!

Sure glad they got those installed millions of dollars of Football Turf before the 8 million dollar cuts.
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