O M (frickin') G!!!!

Tell us what's good and what's not so we don't waste our time. This is also the place to wish for more options in North Saint Paul.

O M (frickin') G!!!!

Postby Tremors » 09 Dec 2011, 00:12


I had their burgers in Baltimore, and it was so frickin' awesome!!! The free peanuts, the fries and burgers served in brown paper bags which quickly became so saturated with grease they become nearly see-through! Mmm...

Each burger will take about 10 minutes off of your life, but hey...it's the last 10 minutes, so who cares?! What a deal! Oakdale, you are lucky.

BTW, I had to edit my 1st sentence. This is how it originally read: "I had 5 Guys in Baltimore, and it was so frickin' awesome!!!" :shock: :lol: :shock:
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